Teaching Ministry

Schedule & Locations:

Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.


Located in the first room to the right in the main Church building and in 513 Bldg.

Pre-School and Elementary

Come to 513 bldg for assistance.

Pre-Teen and Teenagers

513 Building (513 Pine St. – it is the freshly painted brown building)


Topics class taught by Reba Wilson in the 513 Building. Topics change approximately every 8 weeks.

Breakfast served at 9:45–hot angel bisquits and gravy! yum!

New Beginnings Classes

These classes will be announced from the pulpit and listed in the calendar.

Enjoy the following mini-message – so appropriate for the season…

Relevancy in 2011 by Pastor Reba

1.) Choose relevance as a judge and guide—daily.

“Something is relevant to a task if it increases the likelihood of accomplishing the goal” (wikipedia)

2.) Do what you can and rest in that fact! When we were building Mom’s house we would stop at the end of the day and concentrate on things still not finished! That was overwhelming! Then, one day, we looked back and saw all the things we ‘had done’—We were uplifted as we released ourselves and the day back to God! We could rest. We did what we could on that day and that was enough!

Read Mark 14:8 (YNG) Jesus commended the woman who poured perfume on His feet and told the crowd, “Leave her alone… what she could— she did…!”

Plan for the Relevant. What you can do—do from your heart. That is enough! Rest. Know that God Himself will speak on your behalf and lift you up!