Living Beyond Deficiencies ~by Reba Wilson

He was fourteen, plagued with dyslexia and a stutter—living with music locked inside his heart. The song flowed freely in his mind, but on paper, there appeared only childish scribble in an attempt to communicate the words. The sheet contained drawings that looked more like haystacks than a melody, and was soon crumpled and left to die in the wastebasket.

That song, along with many others, may have never survived if the boy’s sister hadn’t pulled it out of the trash can to help bring it to life. His sister saw the potential in the scribble—not only saying that it was good, but helped translate those pictures into words that has changed gospel music forever.

That first gospel song was The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power, and the boy with the deficiency was Andrae Crouch. Since that time, many other songs were written—each with the help of other people who cared. Although he never learned to read music, many prominent orchestras have taken those masterpieces around the world. Some of those great works were sung by Elvis and featured in movies such as The Lion King and The Color Purple, to name a few.

You may have grown up singing Andrae Crouch’s songs. You may have thought you were listening to pure talent who needed nothing and no one. You may have never considered that such a celebrity would have difficulties or weaknesses to overcome. Now you know this couldn’t be further from the truth! Perhaps you only considered his gifts and not his weaknesses. Isn’t it strange how we can often see another person’s talents and gifts, but when we examine ourselves, we only see our own inabilities and weaknesses? If you are like me, sometimes you see your talent living in the large shadow cast by your shortcomings.

However, I am convinced that we all have some talent—a song if you will—locked inside our hearts that we only acknowledge to the wind or set free when no one is around. And I am just as certain that we all have weaknesses that urge us to throw in the towel way too soon by calling our melody trash.

Maybe this year we all need to focus beyond our limitations, listen to those who care about us, and become part of a team where our gifts can be used and developed. There are talents and abilities waiting to be discovered and released—in your life and in mine!