God's Pleasure

Satisfied with His Presence

I hope this lifts your spirit and puts a song of thanksgiving and praise in your heart today.

“But I will see Your face in righteousness; when I awake, I will be satisfied with Your presence” (Psalm 17:15 HCSB).

Jesus, only You can satisfy my soul and fill my heart with the things which make impossible things seem possible by Your grace! Your love and tender mercies are new every morning! You are my Rock, my only Deliverer. No freedom or rest is found among the unrighteous — apart from Your presence! You fill my life with good things, and put songs of thanksgiving upon my lips!

Arise in me, oh Lord! Arise and take your place in my thoughts and my emotions. For You are a shield and a refuge to those who put their trust in You — there is no rest — no peace — for those who tirelessly strive to live apart from Your strength. Bring my heart low and keep me broken, my King! My pride and arrogance cannot remain with me forever, for there is nothing that is higher — none that is greater than You! You alone are worthy of my devotion and pursuit.

None other has earned a place in my heart, for it belongs to You twice over. I am Yours, and Yours alone! Your grace and your mercy hunt me down all the day long, and nothing can remove me from Your sight! Do not leave me alone, my Master, my Redeemer! Left to myself, I will end my life in ruin and only hope for crumbs and scraps.

Nothing that I do — none of my efforts can measure Your worth, for You are priceless and have no end! But you still watch over my life and give me a purpose and cause that I could not dream of in a thousand lifetimes. Lead me in humility, and I will find peace. Keep me from myself, and I will find freedom and security.

Your love is all that I need to become who You have called me to be. Teach me to stay broken, and I will remain whole.