Intentionally Forgetting

Have you ever known someone who never intentionally got rid of anything? Before long, new items became overshadowed by the confusing mess. There is no longer a place set aside for the valuable things because everthing was in ruins. At some point, even the good begins to look bad.

I have another question. Have you ever visited with someone who never intentionally dispelled any negative thoughts from their mind? Over time, wrongs and injustices were never disposed of or forgiven, and it became difficult to find thoughts of value.

To forgive and forget means to intentionally release someone from a debt or a trespass against you. We must not allow yesterday’s wrongs to contaminate the valuable things in our lives because it creates clutter in our minds. It’s amazing how quickly a trash bag can be filled and how heavy it can become!

The Apostle Paul lived his own philosophy for successful living. He didn’t act as though he already knew everything or had already achieved total success. Instead, he chose to forget the things in his past that he knew would negatively affect his future. Starving negative thoughts makes it easier to concentrate on things that are good, beautiful, honorable, right, true, and anything else worth celebrating! It helps us see our goals more clearly and make advances toward them daily.

I encourage you to take an inventory of the negative thoughts and experiences from your past that are currently affecting your present. If you don’t release them now, they will certainly change your future.