Motives Matter Most ~by Reba Wilson

Do you feel like there is a war going on inside of you? Are you desiring and yet not able to fully achieve what you want?

Our Aunt Mary taught a youth class for many years. Her famous demonstration was taking a glass bottle, putting a cork in it, and then allowing it to float in a tub of water. The point was, we would need to be able to stay afloat in this world. She encouraged us to ask Jesus to be our Lord and to protect our buoyancy. She would say, “Water around us, but never in us.”

We are created to be sustained by what we have inside us and never sunk by surrounding circumstances. We either succeed or fail—first—on the inside.

We are conquered by our own mindsets of defeat. Negative words we say show us our motives—much like error codes that flash on a device—to pinpoint the reason why it is not working properly.

Words that come out of my mouth indicate motives that are charting my destiny, predicting whether my vessel will withstand the floods of life. Motives fueled by pride, fear, and envy, create a war inside me that destroys peace of mind.

Desires fueled by anger and pride create a continual war within our hearts. But, a pure heart is humble, peaceful, focused—dictated by pure motives. We have the ability to stay above water as we are sustained by a supernatural, inner strength.

When we are secure that Christ is our source, we can release people and circumstances—knowing that we will be OK—no matter what.

Find out what is causing you unrest, evaluate your motives, and receive peace. Then keep a cork on it! ~by Reba Wilson

“God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God” (Matthew 5:8 NLT).