Christian Living

A Guarded Heart

On Wednesday, I have a lunch appointment with Jennie—a dear friend of mine. We will meet at a little cupcake place that serves up some great soup and sandwiches, coffee, and obviously cupcakes. Wednesday is our time reserved for some serious girl talk. We visit non-stop, jump from one subject to another, and uplift each other with encouraging words. We have shared many of these visits, and we almost always laugh more than we eat. Sometimes, tears fill our eyes when we discuss a concern that is close to our hearts. We often agree together in prayer and, as a result, my heart becomes lighter. I usually return home with a cupcake treat and an uplifted attitude.

Guard Your Heart

These lunch appointments are important to me, because I know that I am ultimately responsible for holding on to my peace and my joy by guarding my heart diligently. Quality fellowship with a close friend helps me to guard my heart.

Stay Young at Heart

To stay young at heart, I practice trying new things and make a strong effort to think outside the box during my day-to-day routine. I know that if I do not allow my creative talents to be used regularly, then my daily routine can quickly turn into a rut where I can get stuck. I can also become irritated by little annoying habits that suddenly become more apparent (and annoying) to me. I find more to-do lists that were never completed. I become restless, bored, and weary.

When my work is fueled by my passion, I have more energy. Even after working much harder for longer hours, my body may be tired, but my mind will be revitalized—I’m able to process my thoughts more clearly—my mind is sharper. I also sleep better and wake up in a better mood, excited to face the day, ready to serve, with joy in my heart. When my passion sustains my focus, I can conquer giants and wait on the Lord with confidence to renew my strength.

In order to live life to the fullest, I must stay out of any rut that wants to trap me in the prison of average and ordinary. Husbands who take time to fellowship with other men and have a hobby they enjoy will also come home with new zeal and enthusiasm. As married couples, we must allow our spouses the freedom and opportunity to recharge their batteries when it is needed! Blessed is the marriage where both people can retain their individuality while maintaining oneness and unity.

Are you feeling extra weary, picky or restless? What is one small thing you could schedule in your day that would bring you joy? Today, I pray that you would schedule some time with a close friend and take advantage of the strength that comes from sharing friendships. I also encourage you to bless your spouse with the gift of free time so they can reach for that thing that makes them smile. A happy heart is a well-guarded one.

“Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart, and the pleasantness of one’s friend springs from his earnest counsel” (Prov. 27:9 NIV).