Intentionally Forgetting

Have you ever known someone who never intentionally got rid of anything? Before long, new items became overshadowed by the confusing mess. There is no longer a place set aside for the valuable things because everthing was in ruins. At some point, even the good begins to look bad.

I have another question. Have you ever visited with someone who never intentionally dispelled any negative thoughts from their mind? Over time, wrongs and injustices were never disposed of or forgiven, and it became difficult to find thoughts of value.

To forgive and forget means to intentionally release someone from … Read more ...

Constructive Anger

“They’ve pushed me a little too far. I don’t have to take this. This just isn’t fair!” Anger rises… and the body reacts.

Anger is not a bad emotion. It is a built-in mechanism that signals when something is wrong with a circumstance or situation. How we choose to respond when this signal goes off is where anger gets a bad rap with undesirable results.

When we are violated or hurt, we are often left feeling weak and fearful. Anger, on the other hand, makes us feel powerful as the surge of adrenaline and emotions increase. Most people would rather … Read more ...

Waiting Until

If you think about it, life is full of “I just can’t wait until moments.

“I just can’t wait until I’m out of school!” “I just can’t wait until I’m on my own with a good-paying job,” or “I simply can’t wait until I have a car, until I buy a house, or until I finally get out of debt.” “I really can’t wait until I get married, until I have kids, until the kids grow up, or even until the kids have kids and I get grandkids!” Whatever your until moment is—one thing is for sure—you just Read more ...