Motives Matter Most ~by Reba Wilson

Do you feel like there is a war going on inside of you? Are you desiring and yet not able to fully achieve what you want?

Our Aunt Mary taught a youth class for many years. Her famous demonstration was taking a glass bottle, putting a cork in it, and then allowing it to float in a tub of water. The point was, we would need to be able to stay afloat in this world. She encouraged us to ask Jesus to be our Lord and to protect our buoyancy. She would say, “Water around us, but never in Read more ...

Plant Anyway by Reba Wilson

A dozen or so pots of flowers are on my deck—waiting to be planted. And I am waiting—for stable weather.

These plants have already remained safe through one rain and wind storm. I am waiting until the next storm gets out of here tomorrow. But, now they say yet another one is coming later in the week. So just how long should I wait before I plant?

This morning I surveyed the flowers that had been planted weeks ago and I was amazed at how well they are flourishing. True, the morning after weathering the last storm, they looked pretty … Read more ...

Hope Is Here! by Reba Wilson

It’s not how hard the work is, or how dreary the circumstances may be that cause one to lose heart, fall into depression, or simply call it quits. In my experiences, I have found that we lose heart in the absence of hope, when there doesn’t appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel, when the outcome is unpredictable, or when there’s no indication that conditions will improve.

In regards to hope, Proverbs 13:12 tells us that delayed hope makes the heart sick. Many sincere Christians feel overlooked, wondering when their difficult season will pass.

This Christmas … Read more ...

Self Examination

When you abandon your own life and commit to follow Him, you see Him everywhere and in everything. This morning, I was drawn to spend my time with the Lord outside since it was so beautiful out. I love springtime!

Walking out on my balcony, I first noticed the contrast of the light and darkness in the balcony stairwell as the light was starting to come up from behind the building next to mine; the stairwell was only partially lit. The Holy Spirit began to use this as an opportunity to show me some things that really helped me and … Read more ...

Satisfied with His Presence

I hope this lifts your spirit and puts a song of thanksgiving and praise in your heart today.

“But I will see Your face in righteousness; when I awake, I will be satisfied with Your presence” (Psalm 17:15 HCSB).

Jesus, only You can satisfy my soul and fill my heart with the things which make impossible things seem possible by Your grace! Your love and tender mercies are new every morning! You are my Rock, my only Deliverer. No freedom or rest is found among the unrighteous — apart from Your presence! You fill my life with good things, and … Read more ...

Living Beyond Deficiencies ~by Reba Wilson

He was fourteen, plagued with dyslexia and a stutter—living with music locked inside his heart. The song flowed freely in his mind, but on paper, there appeared only childish scribble in an attempt to communicate the words. The sheet contained drawings that looked more like haystacks than a melody, and was soon crumpled and left to die in the wastebasket.

That song, along with many others, may have never survived if the boy’s sister hadn’t pulled it out of the trash can to help bring it to life. His sister saw the potential in the scribble—not only saying that it … Read more ...

2017 Focus ~by Reba Wilson



  • Embrace uncomfortableness.


  • Expect God to show up in the middle of it.


  • Empowered from the inside. Unstoppable flow—of grace.

…For nothing is impossible with God. Luke 1:37 (NLT).    

Read more ...

Winds of Change ~by Reba Wilson

Sometimes the winds are worse than change itself! I have often wondered why it is that I who love change, still fight so hard emotionally, to make the turn to go another direction! I remember when I worked for Northeast Tech Center. The job was awesome until I reached a plateau of learning and creating. I loved the people I worked with and the campus was a beautiful place, nestled among trees on the side of a hill. I felt the breezes of change for days- maybe even a year- ahead of my resignation to resign. I had reached my … Read more ...

Power in the Embrace ~by Reba Wilson

I am a hugger. I not only hug my honey, but also pretty shoes, and good books. Yet, when I saw strangers coming toward me with arms extended, my muscles tensed in anticipation. I could tell that the fibers were deciding should they become as hard as steel and prepare me for the emotional impact? Or should they become soft and welcoming? My heart beat faster sending adrenaline to my brain and warmth to my face.

My body language portrays if this is friend or foe. I either stick both hands deep into my pockets, extend my hand, or something … Read more ...

A Guarded Heart

On Wednesday, I have a lunch appointment with Jennie—a dear friend of mine. We will meet at a little cupcake place that serves up some great soup and sandwiches, coffee, and obviously cupcakes. Wednesday is our time reserved for some serious girl talk. We visit non-stop, jump from one subject to another, and uplift each other with encouraging words. We have shared many of these visits, and we almost always laugh more than we eat. Sometimes, tears fill our eyes when we discuss a concern that is close to our hearts. We often agree together in prayer and, as a … Read more ...