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The finances have come in to payoff the 513 bldg.  As of today it is paid in full.
Thanks for the link of unity and faith and confidence you placed in the word that PGarry heard about payoff!  What a real-TV moment of what ‘really does’ happen when we agree and believe God’s word. What is vital and great as well is that ALL of you– Really ALL of the church received the word with joy… unified…. and received. The harvest is still coming in.  Let’s continue to sow… and never eat our seed!

*Here is the vision that we embraced about 15 months ago.  At that time we owed about $42,000. after purchasing and renovating a wonderful, 4,550 sq ft,  storefront building across from our church.  We use the building so many days each week for not only for our church but the people in the city as well.  The 513 bldg houses a bistro kitchen and fellowship hall, a baptistry, youth section, covered carport, brick prayer room and Pastors’ office.  God is so good to give us so many blessings.  Highly favored that’s what we are!  READ on…

Sanctuary Church   VISION                         September 2011

“The Sanctuary 513 Bldg. free and clear by the end of the Year…” What a bold sentence and yet a word of faith has been building in my heart for months, that now is the time for us to believe God is able to enable The Sanctuary to pay the $41,657.51 that is owed on the 513 bldg!  I’m believing for finances to come in this year.  Who will believe with me to be debt free- soon- even as soon as this year?

The method of faith I hear is simple. Ask God what you have- things that you aren’t using- not needing- that are not producing – just sitting idle.

Take those things- as God leads you to which ones they are- sell them and as you believe -bring money to pay on the debt.

This is not to be a hard thing.  This is to be easy. This is NOT to take away from your needed provisions, living expenses, or tithes and offerings.  This is about coming from a surplus that you don’t know that you have that God is going to show you. There is no pressure for anyone to create/come up with a certain amount.  We are just supposed to ask God for wisdom and He will give us creative ideas and we will be amazed at what things God uses to give us the finances from.

Thank you for listening to the voice of God. Thank you for caring about His work. Thank you for believing that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think… according to His power at work within us and His Word to us!

Pastor Garry


*Recent testimony:

Feb. 2011- Randy Brown says:

 Great things are happening at the Sanctuary Church at Chelsea.
God's love has been opened up on us.
This love is wonderful and it is affecting us all in a very positive and divine way.
People are seeing and hearing great results by believing and knowing our Lord Jesus Christ.
It is so nice to see the likeness of Jesus working, being brought out,
in your friends and colleages lives. Amen and yes.

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