Teaching Ministry
Sundays, 10 am – 10:45 am

What some Churches call Sunday School, we spend this time drawing on the teaching gifts within our Church body to focus on educating every age with Bible truth on specific subjects in order to help everyone grow spiritually. For a schedule and breakdown of age groups and their locations- and mini teaching message, click here.

Sanctuary Kidz – Children’s Church

Every Sunday morning in the Fellowship Hall next to the Church, the kids get together to praise God and study His Word. You won’t find any babysitting here – our kids are excited about serving God! For more information about Sanctuary Kidz, click here.

Youth Connections – 513 Pine Building
Wednesdays, 7 pm — 8:15 pm

Ages 10 + meet, eat, sing praise songs, learn about God, and have fun free time with crafts and games. Contact us for more info.

Sanctuary Diamonds

The ladies ministry ” Sanctuary Diamonds” hold special events during year. Diamonds’ next event is coming up soon! Special event dates and details can be found on our calendar page. Jennie Bible is Diamonds’ Director.

Men’s Ministry

Times of fellowship, services, cookouts, breakfasts and ministry is ongoing. Keep up with events on calendar page each month. Randy Brown is the Men’s Ministry Director.

Couple’s Date Night Happenings

The Sanctuary has a passion for wonderful marriages- where love abounds- and affection and acts of kindness are a way of life. Each 2nd Sunday night of the month at 6:00 pm, couples volunteer to host date night. We have done everything from pizza and bowling to cook-outs, adult egg hunts, carriage rides and awesome banquets or cool fun events in our own 513 bldg. The fun and activities are as fun and varied as the personalities of these wonderful couples who host. Contact us for times and places. Fun, fun times as we grow relationships that honor each other and God!

  • Fun and fellowship
  • Building strong relationships

Prayer Ministry

Are you called to intercessory prayer? This vital backbone of the Church needs people of prayer. Contact us for more information. Carol Wilson is prayer leader.

Mary Clark has teamed up with the Prayer Ministry to pray corporately for needs personal, local, our nation and abroad. Intercessory prayer times are located on our calendar page.

Dorcas Ministry

Dorcas’ group meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 10 am — 2pm in the Kidz Church building located next to the church. Pot luck lunch is served. Although there are projects with sewing and making of quilts for missions, you do not have to sew to join this group. There are many projects to help with, and the fellowship is awesome! Click here to learn more about Dorcas.


Jerry and Linda Clark have ministered in over 12 countries on more than 27 trips since 1985. They also minister wherever called within the United States. Click here to learn more about their ministry.

W.I.N.G.S Ministry

How WINGS began is just as clear in my mind as if it were only yesterday. There I was in the small town of Chelsea, Oklahoma, where everyone either knew you or were related. Yet as a woman—I felt alone and was hurting emotionally and spiritually. In my mind I turned the options of who I could talk to. The names and faces of the people that flashed before me were not just from the church I attended. They were people who had supported me as friends throughout the years. I then began to think how awesome it would be if… all my girlfriends could have a day to spend together with lots of share and prayer, food, and praise, and worship—and shopping! We could invite our friends. We could invite the hurting and the lost. So the focus was set for the ladies from many denominations to come together in a conference setting, visit with friends, meet new people and be strengthened in Christ, together as a city.

The focus of WINGS is to:  Lift up Jesus, support one another, and reach out our hands to minister to the needs of women everywhere that through our unity this world may see and know Jesus.

We fly under the banner of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. He truly is what makes us one. The vision of W.I.N.G.S. is to see chapters started in cities around the world.

GodChild Prison Ministry

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