Moses and the Cat

It was almost dark as my car rounded the last curve and its lights shined on the doors of home. I had left before the crack of dawn and was so glad to be back. I was eagerly pushing one foot out of the car by the time the engine quit running, but a sound—more like a cat being tortured than a meow—begged me to stop and help.

It ran to me immediately. White and yellow, hide and hair, stretched over a body of bones with the face of a cat attached. Its mouth was wide open and screeching incessantly. One eye was either matted shut or entirely gone. One thing for sure—it was hungry, alone, and hurting. I could not refuse such desperation! Even my great and notable princess, Amira Cat, who hates all other animals, had softened her heart enough to let this cat approach. I could not do less.

Forgetting how tired I was, I raided the fridge to feed this little one. The not-yet-weaned stray cat meowed and growled as it attempted to gulp milk and devour dry cat food all at the same time. I entered the house an hour later than I had planned, and decided to wait until morning to name the cat just in case it died.

Sometime during the night I was awakened to the sound of rain hitting the bedroom windows. I rushed to the front porch to see if the cat was still there. Not only was it there, but it was alive and bounding towards me—falling all over itself—arms and paws uplifted, and meowing with a scratchy voice.

I fed it again and rearranged some porch decorations into a makeshift house. A wooden pumpkin became a wall, and a scarecrow pillow from the porch swing became a cuddle buddy.

I decided to name the cat Moses from the story in the Bible. Exodus records the time when a cruel Pharaoh ordered Jewish baby boys to be drowned in the Nile River. During this period of time, a woman named Jocabed gave birth to a baby boy. When she couldn’t keep him hidden, she crafted a tiny boat made out of a basket. Jacobed lowered her baby in the basket and placed it among the reeds of the Nile. That evening, the Pharaoh’s daughter came to the river to bath, and heard a baby crying. Her heart went out to the child and she ordered her attendants to get the baby out of the water. The Pharoah’s daughter adopted the baby and named him Moses (meaning drawn out of the water). In that moment, Moses went from no Mama, to two Mamas, and in the same fashion, Moses Cat went from being homeless to finding a forever home.

In many ways, my name is also Moses. I have known the love of many friends, and I have a Savior. Like a stray cat, or like a helpless baby destined to die by a million evil foes, Christ helped me. Just like that—from no help to having a constant Helper by my side.

You, too, can have help—there is hope. Call out to your friends and to Christ. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and pray for creative ideas. Like the cat and Jocabed, don’t ever give up; someone’s heart will show you favor. I’m sure one day your name will be Moses and you’ll be drawn out.

“Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” Jer 33:3 (NASB)

Update on Moses Cat:

This is Moses Cat 10 days after his rescue from starvation and neglect. He does have an eye. He can now eat without screeching or gulping food and is able to purr. Today–for the very first time–he chased his tail and played like a kitten should. Sometimes it doesn’t take that long to get better…. if you leave the abusive situation behind and get with a safe group who loves you. Just saying. These are facts to remember.




Quotes:  “Sometimes in the winds of change we find our true direction.” Author Unknown

*Devotional: (c) By Reba Wilson

Sometimes the winds are worse than change itself! I have often wondered why it is that I who love change, still fight so hard emotionally, to make the turn to go another direction!  I remember when I worked for Northeast Tech Center. The job was awesome until I reached a plateau of learning and creating.  I loved the people I worked with and the campus was a beautiful place, nestled among trees on the side of a hill.  I felt the breezes of change for days- maybe even a year- ahead of my resignation to resign.  I had reached my limit.  I just didn’t know where I was going next if I quit what I was doing.

The winds blew harder and unrest turned into dread. Early one very dreary, cloudy morning, on my drive to work, I started looking at a very tiny mobile home that had a light on.  And, I began to imagine that the lady of the house was home having coffee.  I thought of the joy she must have being able to sit and sip. Maybe she was taking time to read, talk to God and the cat.  She might actually have breakfast on the table.  Maybe she would be able to clean her own house, or see her children, or go out with a friend.  I just knew she would be feeling very fulfilled and would fling her head back and laugh at the rain—for she was happy.  I was not!  My goals of making more money to create a better car and house seemed way down on the list- compared to a moment of being true to myself- even if it meant downsizing. Although, some of my greatest concerns were that I would never get to trade cars or replace the carpet.

My scenario of the lady was pure imagination.  The winds of change were very much a reality! Would I be true to myself and try new things or shrivel up inside a shell- with a known paycheck end?

Yes, I quit and tears spilled onto the page of the resignation letter before it was sealed and signed!

It was quite funny that first week after.  Someone donated me an entire box of toilet paper!  Strange, but, it made me laugh at God’s humor. Forget the ‘if God cares for the birds’ story in the Bible.  I now had my own version which went something like, “If God cares if Reba has toilet paper, then He can also provide for food and clothes and carpet—and fun.”  I love God.  He’s personal to me. And, He likes to make me laugh.  People say He’s awesome- and I know He is.  Spiritual people say cliché words… I mostly think God is funny- in the very most Highest, Holy way!  Think about it. He made a donkey to talk, fed a prophet steak flown in by a black bird, divided a sea by lifting a stick, fed 5,000 people with a little boys lunch!  I tell you He really works to make us smile.  He pushes it further and wants me to be ‘full’ of joy the Bible says.  Well, that’s where the toilet paper came in!

Yes, I bought my first new car after that, founded the WINGS women’s ministry, became an ordained minister, started writing this column and began pastoring a church alongside my husband.

Breezes of change are a sweet relief- yet still emotional.

Winds of Change ever blow, redirecting us, charting our course, so that we arrive, totally spent, every gift opened and honed to the limit, having stopped at every port, and boarded every connecting flight, before arriving… at heaven’s door. (c) Reba Wilson 2010-2011

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In the coming month daily tell your spouse when they do something that on a scale of one to ten is a 10 for you!  Seek to know their 10s as well.  Give them freely – show respect- enjoy the wonderful benefits of love in your home.



  • Problems & Grief bring about a belief crisis.

  • Praise comes when you know God is bigger than your problem.

  • Dare to compare your problem to God’s ability to solve your problem!

Oh that men would praise the Lord Ps. 107:8

At this point you may be surprised to find what you really think. What you think is evidenced most times, by what you do.

If the problem looks bigger than what you believe God is gonna do….

1)    That is ok- because it is so good that ‘you’ found it out. God already knew what you believed.

2)    A trial can serve a purpose – to let you know what is in your heart.

3)    What is in your heart can be corrected as you ‘release’ the fear and doubt to God.

Faith is a must for without faith we cannot please God.

Faith is wonderful. Real faith tells the truth of God’s character, what He will do. Faith allows us to truly see God and His plan and brings us together into a place of agreement- with Him, and praise- for Him.  Faith sees what doubt never can! Faith Sees and Says, “He will!”   Faith brings praise.


Casting down imagination 2 Chor.10:5

“Man’s alternative for submission to God is a Flesh way to escape -shows our heart condition, that says if it’s this way then maybe I will do this or that in my way.” Kay Arthur

When faced with not understanding the path before him:

1)    Peter said I go fishing, back to something I understand.  Being familiar has a certain amount of security, or at least comfort zone, to it.

The children of Israel said:

2)    Has God brought us out here to die in this wilderness? I would have been better to have stayed in Egypt.

And then, there are those who responded when they saw God in the middle of their problems.

  1. Mary said, “my soul doth magnify the Lord!”
  2. Woman broke the alabaster box and worshiped.
  3. Hebrew chapter 11 records many ways people responded in faith.

Now, what do you see/say?

Sometimes it is the trial or grief that shows us ourselves. But, Faith shows us God with us even in the middle of problems!  We respond and we praise, and we find rest for our souls.

He knows the way.  He is certain. He has good plans for me.

Lord, I do believe.  I will rest in sweet confidence.

(c) 2010-2011 Reba Wilson

Verses to think on:

Garment of praise for spirit of heaviness. Ps. 61:3

Any praise, think on these things.  Phil.4:8

Faith might be to the praise of God. 1 Pet. 1:7

Why are you cast down oh my soul? Hope in God.  Ps. 42:5